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 Products You Need to Consider

Note:  The Products Offered by GoFreeGoGreen are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. However there are reports that our products and/or the ingredients in our products assist in the healing process.


Are you’re Concerned about any of the following?

Don’t despair,,, There is a solution


If you have any of the following symptoms and conditions, here are some products you could try…


Aches and Pains Shungit Water
Acne Shungit Water, Raspberry Skin Cream
Allergies Shungit Water
Anemia Shungit Water
Arthritis Shungit Water
Asthma Shungit Water
Blood Pressure Shungit Jewelry
Breast Cancer Raspberry Seed Capsules
Burns Shungit Water
Callosities Shungit Water
Cancer Raspberry seed Capsules, Raspberry Skin Cream, Shungit Water, Electric PowerSaver (eliminates Electro Magnetic Fields / EMFs)
Cardiovascular diseases Shungit Water
Carpal Tunnel Shungit Bracelet
Cervical, cervix Cancer Raspberry Seed Capsules
Cholecystitis Shungit Water
Chronic Fatigue Shungit Water
Colds Shungit Water
Colon Cancer Raspberry Seed Capsules
Common Colds Shungit Water
Cuts Shungit Water
Diabetes Shungit Water
Dyspepsia Shungit Water
Esophageal Cancer Raspberry Seed Capsules
Gall-bladder problems Shungit Water
Gastritis Shungit Water
Grey Hair Magnesium Gel
Hair Loss Shungit Water
HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Raspberry Seed Capsules
Immune System Deterioration Shungit Water
Impotence Shungit Water
Kidney diseases Shungit Water
Leg Pain Shungit Water
Liver diseases Shungit Water
Lymphatic and Immune systems Shungit Bracelet (Jewelry)
Osteoarthritis Shungit Water
Pancreas Cancer Raspberry Seed Capsules
Pancreas diseases Shungit Water
Physical Abnormalities Electric PowerSaver (eliminates Electro Magnetic Fields / EMFs)
Prostate Cancer Raspberry Seed Capsules
Skin Cancer Raspberry Seed Capsules, Raspberry Skin Cream
Skin Problems Shungit Water
Sore Throat Shungit Water
Stomatitis Shungit Water
Tonsillitis Shungit Water
Varicose Veins Shungit Water



Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Take care of it with environmentally friendly, natural products.

Acne Shungit Water, Raspberry Skin Cream
Babies Shungit Water, Soap Nuts Laundry
Cancer Shungit Water, Raspberry Seed Capsules, Raspberry Skin Cream
Feet Magnesium Crystals
Grey Hair Magnesuim Gel
Sensitive Skin Shungit Water, Soap Nuts Laundry
Skin irritations Shungit Water, Raspberry Skin Cream, Soap Nuts Laundry




If you have any of the following situations, here are some cleansing and cleaning products you could try…


Aquariums Shungit Water
Athlete’s Foot Fungus (Trichophyton mentagrophytes) PureGreen24
Bacteria / Staph / MRSA / VRE PureGreen24
Deodorizing Green Crystals, PureGreen24
Disinfecting PureGreen24, Green Crystals
E-coli (Escherichia coli) PureGreen24
Fungus / Athlete’s Foot PureGreen24
Herpes Simples Type 1, F(1) Strain PureGreen24
HIV-1 PureGreen24
Influenza A, Hong Kong Strain PureGreen24
Laundry (all skin types) Soap Nuts Laundry
Listeria monocytogenes PureGreen24
Mildew Green Crystals
Mold Green Crystals
MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) PureGreen24
Polio Type 2, Lansing Strain PureGreen24
Pseudomonas aeruginosa PureGreen24
Rhinovirus R37 Strain 151-1 PureGreen24
Salmonella choleraesuis PureGreen24
Staph (staphylococcus aureus) PureGreen24
Swimming Pools Shungit Water
Virus / H1N1/ Flu / Polio / Herpes PureGreen24
VRE (Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecium) PureGreen24
Water Pesticides, Metals, Bacteria, Microorganisms Shungit Water


Well Being

If you desire a better quality of life, try these products…  

Aches and Pains Shungit Water
Aquarium Cleaning Shungit Water
Bio Hazards Shungit Water, Shungit Jewelry, Electric PowerSaver
Blood Pressure Shungit Jewelry
EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Electric PowerSaver
EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Electric PowerSaver
Feet Soak Magnesium Crystals, Shungit Water
Flowers last longer Shungit Water
Geopathic Events Shungit Jewelry
Harmful Electricity (EMFs, EMI)
Electric PowerSaver
Micronutrients Shungit Powder
Minerals Shungit Powder
Mold Green Crystals, Heat Keeper Windows
Odors Green Crystals
Pet Health Shungit Water, Shungit Powder
Stress Magnesium Gel, Magnesium Crystals
Toxins Magnesium Gel
Varicose Veins Shungit Powder, Shungit Water
Vitality Increased Shungit Jewelry
Well Being Shungit Jewelry



 Save Money

Going green not only saves the environment and enhances your health, but it pays to go green.  Click Save Money for more info about how to live green and save money at the same time.

Bottled Water Shungit Water
Carbon Credits Electric PowerSaver
Deregulated Utilities Business Utility Bill Reduction (in applicable states)
Electric Bill Electric PowerSaver
Eliminate Dryer Sheets soap nuts
Eliminate fabric Softener soap nuts
Extend Motor / Appliance Life Electric PowerSaver
Heating / Cooling / Energy Loss Heat Keeper Window, Home Energy Audits
Less Chlorine in Swimming Pools Shungit Water
Save Energy Electric PowerSaver, ThermaCote® Paint
Surge Protection Electric PowerSaver
Worldwide / international energy Savings Electric PowerSaver with adapter