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Simple plug-in Power Saver device saves at least 15% on electric bill. As much as 50% savings???

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Kevin Cobb of Prince George, VA Linda Rorie of Pontotoc, MS



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Whole house Power Saver solution also saves 20% PLUS, has the extra benefit of whole house SURGE PROTECTION.

Our commercial / Business MeterMaid, combined with other commercial money saving products and services and save you up to 50% on Utility Bills.

Hear from the GoFreeGoGreen (a former distributor) sales director, Bob Fecik


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Save Money on Water!


How much are you spending on bottled water?

For only $35 you can have a 6 months supply of clean healthy water… That could also bring relief from a whole host of ailments.


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Save Money on Fuel with Vehicle Vitamins

Whether you use Gasoline, Diesel or Ethanol Fuel…

Our fuel saving, pollution decreasing Vehicle Vitamins are your solution to

  • Increase MPG: Drive 7% – 14% Farther on the Same Amount of Fuel
  • Reduce harmful emissions and pollutants up to 74%
  • Improve performance and increase horsepower

Get Vehicle Vitamins for Cars, Trucks, Boats & More

(Best results with highway driving)

Fuel Saving Caplets

Want a powerful, clean, mean, driving machine?

Purchase MPG-CAPSTM Vehicle Vitamins Today!

One $2 caplet could save up to $6 per fill up…

And your car runs better too!



Note: MPG-MEGA-CAPSTM are also available for large volume 120 – 150 gallon fuel tanks.


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And Make Money When You Sell your house:

For every one dollar reduction of your annual electric bill your home goes up in value by $20.00!…Saving Energy and Saving Money too!