Soda ban part 2: Canada years ahead

On August 17, we posted a blog about California’s new ban on sugary sodas in schools. In response to that blog, someone asked us, “What about artificial sweetened drinks?  Shouldn’t they be banned too?” She went on to explain that her nephew delivers soft drinks to schools and noted that business is booming because the company is still allowed to deliver drinks sweetened with aspartame and Splenda! Obviously, this is not an improvement.
It appears that America has a long way to go in this regard, but Canada has been doing something about it for years! In 2005, the government of the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC) let PARENTS decide whether artificially sweetened soft drinks should be allowed in schools. The parents’ (and educators’) “broadly expressed desire” to eliminate these soft drinks led to the outright ban of ALL artificially sweetened foods in BC elementary and middle schools (such foods […]

Original post by Paul & Ann Malkmus

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