Kidney Disease – What’s Parsley Got To Do with It?



Kidneys function to filter and clean impurities such as toxics and unwanted things from your blood to ensure you live healthy. You’ve probably heard of kidney stones which has the symptoms of extreme pain in various parts of the body. Those other problems in their kidneys require kidney dialysis. While kidney stones cause pain, kidney dialysis is a pain. With regular regiments to cleanse the kidney.

What if you could ward off kidney diseases and problems?

Don’t know if kidney cleansing would do the trick…but I’d bet a cleanse of your kidneys benefits your health. And now just learned about an easy natural way to cleanse your kidneys – with PARSLEY!

Parsley has a whole lots of health benefits, even some surprising ones.   Dr. Denice M. Moffat calls ParsleyOne of the World’s Seven Most Potent Disease-Fighting Spices”

For improved health: Cleansing your kidneys helps…Parsley helps.

Want to know how to cleanse your kidneys with Parsley?
Check out a great post "Parsley keeps your kidney cleaned

I just made a recipe with fresh parsley, and I have lots left over. I’m going to give it a try. What about you?







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