Going The Green Mile: How to get on the Path?


Donzella James. (Senator, Georgia State 35th District) told me about the Going The Green Mile  event on April 10, 2010 in Atlanta. I had to go the extra mile to get details about the event. There was no clear path or easy to find information about the event. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy had the yellow brick road to show her the way. I had to use Google. I figured it has something to do with environmental issues. Much of the information I found was in jpeg format, meaning it was a picture. I also found a website with nice pictures with no details. But alas… I got the details anyway:

Going The Green Mile Expo & Green Idol Concert
Saturday, April 10th
At  Atlantic Station
Atlanta, Georgia
9am to 4pm



Then my dilemma was what’s “Green Idol”?
And what’s the connection between a green expo and a website called www.pupilinternational.org?

The obvious assumption is that “pupil” refers to some sort of student group. Not exactly. People  Uplifting People In Life, Inc. or PUPIL is a 501 (c) organization. And PUPIL deals with mentoring and empowering youth and young adults.

Then there’s the idol part. I would venture to say everyone in the United States a knows about the popular American Idol TV show, even if they don’t watch it. And American Idol certainly attracted attention in the United Kingdom and other places internationally when the British lady Susan Boyle appeared on the American Idol show in 2009. Simon Cowell and the audience smirked and laughed before they were totally awed by the unassuming but immensely talented Susan Boyle. The show’s popularity shows how much attention Americans give to entertainment and things of little importance.

Those interested in green, environmentally friendly issues, don’t fit that mold. They care about the environment. They care about the planet earth. They care about the air we breathe. They care about animals. They care about the world that future generations will inherit. They honor and respect people, life, and the earth and the earth’s resources. They believe the actions of man impact the environment and climate change. They want to save our environment The “going green” group is willing to take action to improve the planet and everything in it.

Do you think the “Going The Green Mile Expo & Green Idol Concert” will help?


Sandra Noble




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