First plants, now GM… fish?

As if enough stir wasn’t created by the discovery of “escaped” genetically modified (GM) canola in a rural parking lot earlier this summer, now there’s talk of the FDA considering GM fish.
Growth hormones have been used for years, but this marks the first time a true GM animal would be available for human consumption. The fish grows twice as fast as natural Atlantic salmon.
Side effects from eating such fish are unknown. If given the green light, the salmon could be followed by GM trout and tilapia. Other scientists are also developing altered pigs and cows for food.
The announcement blatantly disregards a United Nations report in June 2010 warning that “a substantial worldwide diet change away from animal products” is the only sustainable way to feed the world past the year 2050. Apparently science has not learned its lesson from the disastrous effects of GMO plants. Creating GMO fish […]

Original post by Paul & Ann Malkmus

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