Earth Hour Was A Big Success…Who Knew?

 I sent a twitter tweet about Earth Hour which was March 27, 2010 at 8 pm. I guess with my
  email overload situation I missed all the buzz about Earth Hour until the day before.
  According to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed was the official Honorary Chair
  for Earth Hour Atlanta. And there were major corporations and organizations participating
  and supporting the initiative to have lights turned off from 8 pm to 9pm on Saturday March 27.



 It was a big to-do in the metro Atlanta viewing area!

 Official Building Lights Out Count: 706

  Who took the official pledge
 (from the official State of Georgia Page on the United States Earth Hour website)

Businesses: 214
Schools: 51
Universities: 26
Organizations: 67
Cities: 5
Counties: 4

  Other numbers

  Attendees to the Family Fun Fest: 500+
  Attendees to Type A: 150+
  Number of Media/Websites we were listed on: 50+
  Number of TV spots: 5
  Number of Radio Shows: 1
  and that’s what we know about! 


  If you run into one of the Atlanta sponsors or donors, don’t forget to give them a big thank you!

Viewing Party Sponsors Family Fun Fest Sponsors
Carter Jones, Lang, Lasalle
Jacoby Group Go Green Get Rewards
Jones, Lang, Lasalle Reaping Nature Productions
Nelson Mullins Atlanta Foundation for Public Space
Parsley’s Catering Atlantic Station
Radial Café Atlantic Station Market
Dolce Dem Shelton Boyz
Geisha House New Knerds
Sweetwater Beer The Marching Abominable
Smart Glass Jewelry Tree Sound Music
Coca-Cola Recycling  
Georgia Beverage Association  
Verus Carbon Neutral  

 Anyone have stats from elsewhere?

















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