Diabetes/diet link to Alzheimer’s

A Japanese research team has revealed an interesting link between Type-2 diabetes and changes in the brain that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.
The researchers said signs of Type-2 diabetes (such as insulin resistance) may contribute to the formation of neuritic plaques, disrupting signaling within and between brain cells. At this point, the symptoms of dementia might begin to become evident.
Type-2 diabetes is most often a diet-induced condition and is often directly related to obesity. Hallelujah Acres has encountered many, many people who have told us that their symptoms of Type-2 diabetes have drastically diminished or simply disappeared  after reducing or eliminating their intake of processed foods and switching to a primarily raw, plant-based diet… which, apparently, has more benefits than we realize.
In fact, study researcher Kensuke Sasaki, MD, PhD said, “It’s possible that by controlling or preventing diabetes, we might also be helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.”
It also well known that heart […]

Original post by Paul & Ann Malkmus

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