Why Organic Gardening Is Crucial For Healthy Living?

If you’re open to the idea of Organic Gardening, you should consider growing apples.

In the summertime you may have access to lots of fruits and vegetables. But if it cold in the winter, the choices are limited. But apples are available all year.

Why Organic Gardening Is Crucial For Healthy Living?


If you baulk at the cost of organic food, you might want to make it a priority to get organic foods.


1. Apples

Topping the 2011 dirty dozen list is a tree fruit that always makes the list: Apples. (Apples ranked No. 2 in 2009 and No. 4 in 2010.) more than 40 different pesticides have been detected on apples, because fungus and insect threats prompt farmers to spray various chemicals on their orchards. Not surprisingly, pesticide residue is also found in apple juice and apple sauce, making all apple products smart foods to buy organic.

Some recommend peeling apples to reduce exposure to pesticide residue, but be aware that you’re peeling away many of the fruit’s most beneficial nutrients when you do so!

Can’t find organic apples? Safer alternatives include watermelon, bananas and tangerines.


The New Dirty Dozen: 12 Foods to Eat Organic

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Because there’s lots of good stuff in apples. So, organic apples are health food.
For healthy living you need to eat apples.

Organic Gardening is a way to get organic food at a lower cost. And especially at times and locations where you can’t get organic apples at all, organic gardening is your only alternative for healthy eating.

Do whatever you can to avoid pesticide ridden food, such as non-organic apples. Organic Gardening is one of those essential health and wellness tools.

You can save both time and money in the process. Find out

How Easy Organic Gardening Can Be!



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Why Organic Gardening Is Crucial For Healthy Living?

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