Do popular people get the flu first?

Now that everyone has been back to school for a few weeks, germ swapping is rampant and parents are clamoring to keep their kids healthy!
It stands to reason that the more contact a person has with others, the more susceptible that person would be to various illnesses. A new study is investigating this theory and has found that those at the center of social networks may catch the flu before their friends do.
The study had Harvard graduates name their friends. The names were cross-referenced and those who were named at least once were put in a special category. As it turns out, people in that “popular” category contracted the flu an average of 14 days earlier than those not in the category. Furthermore, the epidemic peaked 46 days in the popular category before it peaked in the general population.
In the past several years, the researchers have published similar studies […]

Original post by Paul & Ann Malkmus

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