Vehicle Gas Mileage

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For Anyone Interested In Cutting Costs And Saving Money…


**No Longer Available!**

**Check Back in 2012**


They Aren’t Telling You The Secret To



But it’s simple: Take a Pill – a Vehicle Vitamin aka MPG-CAPS™
Yes, these MPG-CAPS™ have been shown to be effective in increasing gas mileage. You get more miles per tank.


Test 1: Here’s what NBC found when they investigated the MPG-CAPS™.


NBC’s Conclusion: MPG-CAPS™ work!


Test 2: I still wanted more proof, so I conducted my own test…I picked someone who is driving 100 miles a day. Check out my before and after videos.

BEFORE Testing Vehicle Gas Mileage Pill – MPG-CAPS™

AFTER Testing Vehicle Gas Mileage Pill – MPG-CAPS™


Patricia Wright’s Conclusion: the MPG-CAPS™ work!

If you want to improve your Health, you take vitamins…
If you want increased mileage and improved performance in your Cars, Trucks, Motor Homes, Generators, Heavy Equipment, take a Vehicle Vitamin and pop it into the gas tank.


The MPG-CAPS™ work in any Gasoline or Diesel powered motor vehicle.

Fuel Saving Caplets


In case you haven’t noticed, you’re on a “green” site. Our products are all environmentally friendly. And the MPG-CAPS™ are no exception.
MPG-CAPS™ are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA registration does not imply approval or endorsement of this product. However, the EPA registration does signify that the EPA has determined that use of the MPG-CAPS™ will not harm your car, will not void it’s warranty, and will not increase your car’s emissions.




Quite the contrary:

MPG-CAPS™ can reduce harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75%

MPG-CAPS™ reduce smog producing emissions such as Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxides

And best news of all is for your wallet:
MPG-CAPS™ increases fuel efficiency, typically by 7 – 14%. For the country, reducing fuel consumption helps to increase our energy independence. For you, you Save Money!



**No Longer Available!**




Here’s a conservative Money Saving scenario:
Let’s say you fill up every 300 miles.

  • If you could go 10% further per tank, then you get an extra 30 miles per fill up.
  • If you were only getting 20 miles per gallon, that equates to 1.5 gallons.
  • And if we use a gas price of $2.50 per gallon, you save $3.75 per fill up!

(Currently gas prices are higher than $2.50 per gallon. The higher the gas prices, the more money you save.)

Is it worth it to spend $2 on a vehicle vitamin / MPG-CAPS™ to SAVE $3.75??

And if you fill up twice a week, that’s 100 fill ups per year and you net an extra $175 in your pocket!

Put $$ in the TANK or Put $$ in the BANK – You Choose.

So, how do the MPG-CAPS™ work?
( the short version)
The capsules dissolve and form a micro-thin coating on the piston and cylinder head surfaces including the spark plugs and valves. This proprietary thin coating acts as a surface catalyst which causes the fuel to burn faster, more complete