Electricity Power Saver

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Save Energy, Save Electricity, Be Healhier

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with a miracle device called the



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The SECRET Health Threat





That Is KILLING You Right Now!

And the threat is: EMFs???


From: Sandra Noble
Subject: Saving Money and Saving Your Health


This site is about going Green and living the Green Life. More specifically it’s about protecting and enhancing the earth’s resources. And you and your family are vital resources that need to be protected. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive to protect the earth’s environment or your personal environment. Keep reading to find out how to SAVE MONEY and YOUR HEALTH as well.

So, What are EMFs and Why Do You Care?


Quite simply, EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields. And EMFs describes the way electricity travels. EMFs come from:

  • power lines
  • radar and microwave towers
  • televisions
  • computer screens
  • motors
  • fluorescent lights
  • microwave ovens
  • cell phones
  • electric blankets
  • house electrical wiring
  • hundreds of other common electrical devices

Stuff you use every day!

if you are near or use any of these devices, then Electromagnetic Fields are swirling around your body and throughout your home or facility.


So the problem is:

EMF’s have been linked to certain types of

CANCER and other Physical Abnormalities.



Order the PowerSaver now!

Plugin (minimum quantityis 4): $200

Whole House: $400

This “green” Power Saver Power Saver Capacitor

Decreases Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)!… creating healthier working and living conditions.

Not only that, but the  PowerSaver increases Surge Protection!


Best of all, the PowerSaver saves you money!

  • You Save Money on your Electric Bill  – Save 10% – 35%
  • You Save Money because you Save Energy Usage on Equipment
  • You Save Money by extending the life of your motors and devices.

And one more benefit of the
PowerSaver: You may even Make Money!

For every one dollar reduction of your annual electric bill your home goes up in value by $20.00!



Get the PowerSaver for homes… Simply, “plug in and save”!

Easy to use; Just plug into your electrical outlet.  Only $200 for the Plug-in  version

Save Energy, Save Electricty, Save the Planet, Protect Your Health

Residential Whole House PowerSaver Unit!

(Expect to pay about $100 for an electrician to install)



Get Whole House Energy Savings and Surge Protection: Only $400…
Order Today!

Home Energy Saving!

Commercial Too!

Commercial and Industrial Power Savers


  • Reduces electricity required by existing inductive loads
  • Enhances capacity of existing electrical system
  • Eliminates danger of harmful power surges on appliances and sensitive electronic equipment
  • Reduces harmful effects caused by electrical noise in the electrical system


check out

Power Saver 3200:
3-phase, 200 Amp Inductive Load  Panel

Power Saver 3400:
3-phase, 400 Amp Inductive Load Panel


call 404-374-3384 for details and pricing