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For anyone who cares about their health or the environment.

Protect, Preserve and Enhance

Our Environment!


At we offer amazing, environmentally friendly services and products for individuals, homes and commercial enterprises. Electricity Power Saver Capacitor

I want to Save Electricity and Save Money!





Shungit Rock Shungit Rock (fullerenes)

Give Me Details About Shungit Rock!






Raspberry Seeds Tell me about Raspberries and Cancer!




Vehicle Vitamins Fuel Saving CapletsI’m spending too much on gas! How can you help?







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Electricity Power Saver – Plug In $160.00
PS-1200 Electricity Power Saver – Home (minimum 4) $297.00

PS-3200 Electricity Power Saver – Commercial $647.00

PS-3400 Electricity Power Saver – Commercial $827.00

Shungit Water / Stones (1 gallon pack) $20.00

Cell Phone Protector Rectangle $9.97

Cell Phone Protector Round $9.97

Shungit Bracelet $30.00

Shungit Necklace $50.00

Shungit Oval Necklace $25.00

Shungit Pendant Necklace $25.00

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