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Sustainability: Is The Government Committed to Sustainability?

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

President Obama signed the Executive Order 13514 outlining environmental, economic and energy goals back in October 2009. President Barack Obama believes in global warming and climate change. There’s still debate about global warming causes and the consequences of global warming. Some claim there is a global warming hoax – we’ve been and are being deceived.

Despite the controversy, President Obama’s signature means that the United States will get on the go green path to assisting in the earth’s sustainability.

What has happened with environmental and sustainability movement?
The U.S. Government has finally sets the example. Almost a year after Executive Order 13514 was signed into law, the White House released the Federal Agency Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans. Agency by agency they’ve gotten on the "go green" bandwagon.

 Sustainability and Green Movement 

See what the government is doing about sustainability by clicking

Federal Agency Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans


Sandra Noble

Save Money, Save Energy, Save The Planet, Be Healthy!



Is Organic Food Worth The Price?

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Organic food is more expensive – period.


So, when my money gets tight, as it is for so many in America these days, I struggle with the decision to pay the extra price for organic produce. I believe toxins and pesticides are killing us and causing cancer and other diseases. And in the long run, avoidance of health issues saves me money. Not to mention the benefits to health, well being and quality of life that come from eating a healthy diet filled with pure, unadulterated, non-genetically modified food. My body know what to do with food. It does not necessarily know how to process the chemicals and toxins we put on and in our food.


I found a great site to encourage me hold to the organic path.

Check out



Are Environmentalists Justified In Breaking The Law?

Saturday, June 12th, 2010



When I think of the environmental, global warming, eco-friendly movement, I think of nice friendly people who love nature, want to reduce pollution, support earth sustainability. Promote health and want world peace. So the concept of law breakers and criminals in the environmental movement was shocking. But on second thought the idea is not so radical. Those who care deeply and want to bring about change often feel justified in using disruptive, criminal and even violent measures to accomplish their goals. “By any means necessary.” To quote Malcolm X.

Some people have sustainable green agendas that they think warrant crimes. I’d rate these crimes as minor and just nuisances. But there are ways to “Go Green” without breaking laws. Check out this intriguing article

5 Eco-Friendly Crimes to Try Today











Strawberries – A Recipe For Health and Well Being?

Friday, June 4th, 2010



Tis the season for good ripe strawberries. Good for eating. A great source of vitamin C, so strawberries are good for nutrition. Many joke about the SAD diet that the average person in the United States eats – the Standard American Diet, that is. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has been telling Americans that they should eat 5 serving of fruits and vegetables a day. The CDC has recently modified nutritional recommendation – there’s not just one formula for optimum health. Each body is different. So, the CDC has developed a handy vegetable and fruit calculator. But even without a calculator, I would venture to say that most, if not everyone I know, needs to eat more vegetables and fruits.


Did you know: Strawberries have benefits beyond just ingesting them? I’m now finding out that strawberries can be used to solve personal care issues – naturally.


The skin is the biggest organ in the body. Whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. If you believe this, you’ll opt for organic strawberries. Why add chemicals and toxins while you’re trying to do something good for your body?

My favorite and simplest strawberry beauty tip is rubbing strawberry on your face. Read the whole article and other tips at "Strawberries: Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips"

Another berry with surprising benefits is Raspberries…They fight the big “C”, CANCER.



















Can Fitness Prevent Teen Pregnancy?

Friday, April 30th, 2010


The short answer is yes… Announcing

World Fitness Day
on Saturday, May 1
at the Georgia Dome in downtown Atlanta.

There will be celebrity trainers who can shed light on becoming and remaining physically fit. And there will be a concert!.
Featured celebrities:

Jane Fonda

Denise Austin

Richard Simmons

Debbie Allen

Billy Blanks

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Margaret Cho

The Pointer Sisters


Even if you’re a couch potato or just can’t be there in person, you can still participate.
Visit  or www.UStream.TV for details on how to participate.

Who Benefits?

  • The event benefits Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention.
  • You benefit because you get to participate in a group workout.
  • Kids and young adults benefit by engaging in a healthy, fun event… Topped off with a concert.

Many believe that if you keep adolescents and teens busy with sports and other activities they are less likely to get into trouble. Trouble can be defined as crime or drug use. Trouble can also be defined as sexual activity which can lead to pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Focusing on fitness is a healthy distraction. And proceeds from the World Fitness Day goes toward preventing teen pregnancy.

It’s a win-win proposition: you workout and you help prevent pregnancy. or  






Going The Green Mile: How to get on the Path?

Thursday, April 8th, 2010


Donzella James. (Senator, Georgia State 35th District) told me about the Going The Green Mile  event on April 10, 2010 in Atlanta. I had to go the extra mile to get details about the event. There was no clear path or easy to find information about the event. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy had the yellow brick road to show her the way. I had to use Google. I figured it has something to do with environmental issues. Much of the information I found was in jpeg format, meaning it was a picture. I also found a website with nice pictures with no details. But alas… I got the details anyway:

Going The Green Mile Expo & Green Idol Concert
Saturday, April 10th
At  Atlantic Station
Atlanta, Georgia
9am to 4pm



Then my dilemma was what’s “Green Idol”?
And what’s the connection between a green expo and a website called

The obvious assumption is that “pupil” refers to some sort of student group. Not exactly. People  Uplifting People In Life, Inc. or PUPIL is a 501 (c) organization. And PUPIL deals with mentoring and empowering youth and young adults.

Then there’s the idol part. I would venture to say everyone in the United States a knows about the popular American Idol TV show, even if they don’t watch it. And American Idol certainly attracted attention in the United Kingdom and other places internationally when the British lady Susan Boyle appeared on the American Idol show in 2009. Simon Cowell and the audience smirked and laughed before they were totally awed by the unassuming but immensely talented Susan Boyle. The show’s popularity shows how much attention Americans give to entertainment and things of little importance.

Those interested in green, environmentally friendly issues, don’t fit that mold. They care about the environment. They care about the planet earth. They care about the air we breathe. They care about animals. They care about the world that future generations will inherit. They honor and respect people, life, and the earth and the earth’s resources. They believe the actions of man impact the environment and climate change. They want to save our environment The “going green” group is willing to take action to improve the planet and everything in it.

Do you think the “Going The Green Mile Expo & Green Idol Concert” will help?


Sandra Noble




Kidney Disease – What’s Parsley Got To Do with It?

Monday, April 5th, 2010



Kidneys function to filter and clean impurities such as toxics and unwanted things from your blood to ensure you live healthy. You’ve probably heard of kidney stones which has the symptoms of extreme pain in various parts of the body. Those other problems in their kidneys require kidney dialysis. While kidney stones cause pain, kidney dialysis is a pain. With regular regiments to cleanse the kidney.

What if you could ward off kidney diseases and problems?

Don’t know if kidney cleansing would do the trick…but I’d bet a cleanse of your kidneys benefits your health. And now just learned about an easy natural way to cleanse your kidneys – with PARSLEY!

Parsley has a whole lots of health benefits, even some surprising ones.   Dr. Denice M. Moffat calls ParsleyOne of the World’s Seven Most Potent Disease-Fighting Spices

For improved health: Cleansing your kidneys helps…Parsley helps.

Want to know how to cleanse your kidneys with Parsley?
Check out a great post "Parsley keeps your kidney cleaned

I just made a recipe with fresh parsley, and I have lots left over. I’m going to give it a try. What about you?







Earth Hour Was A Big Success…Who Knew?

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

 I sent a twitter tweet about Earth Hour which was March 27, 2010 at 8 pm. I guess with my
  email overload situation I missed all the buzz about Earth Hour until the day before.
  According to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed was the official Honorary Chair
  for Earth Hour Atlanta. And there were major corporations and organizations participating
  and supporting the initiative to have lights turned off from 8 pm to 9pm on Saturday March 27.



 It was a big to-do in the metro Atlanta viewing area!

 Official Building Lights Out Count: 706

  Who took the official pledge
 (from the official State of Georgia Page on the United States Earth Hour website)

Businesses: 214
Schools: 51
Universities: 26
Organizations: 67
Cities: 5
Counties: 4

  Other numbers

  Attendees to the Family Fun Fest: 500+
  Attendees to Type A: 150+
  Number of Media/Websites we were listed on: 50+
  Number of TV spots: 5
  Number of Radio Shows: 1
  and that’s what we know about! 


  If you run into one of the Atlanta sponsors or donors, don’t forget to give them a big thank you!

Viewing Party Sponsors Family Fun Fest Sponsors
Carter Jones, Lang, Lasalle
Jacoby Group Go Green Get Rewards
Jones, Lang, Lasalle Reaping Nature Productions
Nelson Mullins Atlanta Foundation for Public Space
Parsley’s Catering Atlantic Station
Radial Café Atlantic Station Market
Dolce Dem Shelton Boyz
Geisha House New Knerds
Sweetwater Beer The Marching Abominable
Smart Glass Jewelry Tree Sound Music
Coca-Cola Recycling  
Georgia Beverage Association  
Verus Carbon Neutral  

 Anyone have stats from elsewhere?