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Can you get a Nobel Prize for rocks? YES, if it’s SHUNGIT ROCK.

The magic in Shungit Rock is fullerenes…And the chemists who studied the healing properties of fullerene won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

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Shungit Water:

Add tap water to Shungit Rock and you get

• Pure, Bio-Active Clean Water

• Water with healing properties

• Drink it, Soak in it and Try Shungit Water for:

Common colds!

Cardiovascular Diseases!







Kidney Diseases!

Liver Diseases!


Gall Bladder problems!

Immune System deterioration!

Pancreas diseases!


Chronic fatigue!

and the list goes on…


The magic in Shungit Rock is fullerenes and the chemists who studied healing properties of fullerenes won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Tap Water and Shungit Rock: a healing solution


STOP wasting Money buying bottled water.

Get Shungit Rocks for only $20.

Reusuable for up to 6 months…


90 gallons or more for only $20 – WOW!



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Want to see more benefits of water drinking?

Click How Water Benefits Health.

Get Healing Shungite Water

Got Cell Phone? Protect Yourself!!!

cell phone radiation


Cell phones emit ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs), also known as ElectroMagnetic RADIATION(EMR)! EMFs and EMR are especially damaging to children… i.e. fries their brain cells.


Cell Phone Protector

Shungite / Shungit shields you from EMFs and EMR!

But what about Geopathogenic Radiation?

There’s a schungite / schungit product for Geopathogenic or Geopathic Radiation as well. To protect your home or other spaces from radiation you need a Shungite Pyramid.

Shungite Pyramid

Pyramids comes in 3 sizes:

30x30mm (1×1 inch) protects a radius of 5 ft (1.5m)

50x50mm (2×2 inch) protects a radius of 10 ft (3m)

70x70mm (2.8×2.8 inch) protects a radius of 14.8 ft (4.5m)

Shungite Pyramid Protection
30x30mm_Pyramid $25.97
50x50mm_Pyramid $35.97
70x70mm_Pyramid $45.97

and now beautiful

Healing Shungite Jewelry


Shungit Jewelry:

Shungit Rock has benefits you whether it’s used internally or externally.

Place shungit Rock on your body to

• stabilize blood pressure,

• protect against harmful emissions,

• improve lymphatic and immune systems.

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Highlighted Products:

Shungit Necklace – Deluxe



Necklace crafted from Shungit Rock








Shungit Bracelet

(helpful for Carpal Tunnel):


Shungit Bracelet




Shungit Pendant Neckware


Shungit Pendant Neckware




Bio Active Shungit Jewelry

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